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Summer 2014. As Israel was protecting itself against thousands rockets indiscriminately fired to its civilian population, while taking all precautions not to hurt Palestinians in Gaza, the death toll on both sides increased daily, leading to a situation where most media and political analysts turned themselves once more against the Jewish state.

“War Crimes in Gaza” presents a new point of view on the conflict, from different angles, in its historical context. Our teams have been filming for days inside Gaza and other Palestinian territories, and have interviewed IDF soldiers, officers, legal advisers, political analysts, leaders, journalists, members of Hamas and other terror organizations, victims of the war, in search of those who were really accountable for this, unfortunately, too frequent tragedy.




For decades, Israel has been facing violence and terrorism, while being de-legitimized when trying to defend itself. The Jewish stated is now facing a new wave of terror at the economical level. Accused of being an “apartheid state” Israel suffers an unprecedented campaign of de-legitimization by the B.D.S. movement. While pretending to support the ” Palestinian ” cause, the organizers of the B.D.S. campaign have not other purpose but the very destruction of the Jewish state, and its replacement by another Muslim dictatorship called ” Palestine “.

Beyond Deception Strategy takes you to a journey inside the real Israeli society. Testimonies of minority leaders, successful businessmen and artists, Palestinian workers, political analysts, journalists, human rights activists, doctors and many more, will escort you in the discovery of a vivid democracy under attack. After watching this film, you will remember for ever the real meaning of those three letters : B.D.S. ” Beyond Deception Strategy”.


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Praise For Pierre Rehov

“If you’re tired of the New York Times-NPR Slant on Israel and the Palestinians, here’s good news: documentary filmmaker Pierre Rehov has been challenging prevailing myths since 2001. With seven films already to his credit and another on the way, this serious, never boring, and above all else courageous documentarian is starting to make some serious waves.”

Michael Margolies
New York Press

“Everyone is asking the same questions: How should we respond to terrorism? Should we be afraid of it? What does it mean for our future? Pierre Rehov, a French filmmaker, by no means purports to answer all of these questions. He’s headed in the right direction, though – Suicide Killers, his latest documentary, approaches the problem of Islamic extremism in a way that is very different from the typical Western approach.”

Amanda Schuster
European Weekly

“I am so used to seeing lame and superficial propaganda that blames Americans and Israelis for the acts of terrorists, that this totally caught me off guard. It is very refreshing to see someone who actually takes terrorists at their own words and who examines the pathologies within a culture that spawn the thirst for mass death and suicide.”

Jamie Glazov
FrontPage Magazine

“Provocative films about the combat between Palestinian militants and Israeli army”

Greg Myre
The New York Times

“The most shocking moments of Rehov’s films involve blatant Palestinian efforts to manipulate the media”

Hanna Brown
Jerusalem Post

“The information that Rehov does provide is based on interviewees who use bona fide images and documents to substantiate their claim”

Tamar Stenhal

“There is only one filmaker who has presented the truth in the matter of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and his nom de guerre is Pierre Rehov”

Phyllis Chesler
Author of The New Antisemitism

“In his documentaries, Pierre Rehov demonstrates how our version of the middle east conflict has been corrupted by the Arab use of reporters as propagandists”

Jack Engelheard
Author of “Indecent Proposal”

“Seeing Pierre Rehov’s documentary film ‘The Silent Exodus’ about the expulsion and flight of a million Sephardi Jews helped me gain a better understanding of the tragedy of a community that was integral and fundamental to Arab society.”

Magdi Allam
Il Corriere Della Serra

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